GHD Repairs in Coventry
GHD Repairs Coventry is a super fast and reliable service
Our trained technicians can fix your GHD problems whatever the fault is
You can send your GHDs to us for repair and we will send them back to you in Coventry usually within 5 days!

GHD Repairs Coventry

We have qualified technicians in or near Coventry that can carry out repairs on your GHDs in our repair centre.

Nearly all repairs on GHD hair straighteners can be completed on the day we receive them. We can repair all GHDs models anywhere in the UK including Coventry. all you have to do is send them to us and we will deliver them back to you in Coventry.

So just fill in the form below and one of our technicians will contact you back shortly to help you with your GHD problem.

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Recent Enquiries :

My GHD`s maybe faulty. The red light keeps beeping and doesn`t stop and I think they are overheating. Can you repair and how much would the cost be? I live in Hinckley Leics but work in Coventry. : Catherine - Coventry, West Midlands
Ghd not heating up! : Bina - ,

Coventry GHD Repairs

Our GHD technicians in Coventry can repair your GHDs in under a week and have them sent back to you in Coventry once we have fixed them.

GHDs very commonly break due to faults or damage. There are lots of faults that occur with GHDs and they are one of the most expensive brands of hair straighteners. It is much cheaper to repair your GHDs than replace them.

We have all GHD replacement parts in stock for all models of GHD including MK3, MK4, MK5 and all others and colours.

Here are some of the common faults that occur with GHDs

Thermal Fuse
R8 Resistor
Broken Arms
Plates Loose

You can use our GHD postal service for the most effective way to get your GHDs fixed. You just have to send them to us via post and we will send them back to you in Coventry via insured delivery and with a warranty.

So all you have to do is complete the form above with the problem you are having and a technician in or near Coventry will contact you back soon to give you more details. website is operated by permission from the domain name registrant.